Update Log 3/11/20

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How's it going, everybody? We hope you guys are ready for another update log!


It's the spring season and our development is slowing down a little bit. However, this doesn't mean we've stopped working on it! With all of the devs working or in school, things are coming along slow but steady.

We wanted to let you all know that we're currently at about 89% done for an alpha release!

Currently, we are going through and polishing up a couple of plugins. Afterward, we are going to be working on bug fixes. We hope to have the alpha ready for testers within the next month and a half!

We will be opening up sales for donated ranks and perks early so when you join the server you'll have them instantly. Of course, this will help us maintain server costs, fix plugins, get more graphics, etc.

All sales go towards the server costs!

We're looking forward to releasing the best possible Minecraft experience for you. EVERYONE has a valuable input so we will have a section on the forums here (Visengaming.com) where you can report bugs, ask about fixes, or make suggestions.

Your feedback is what keeps the community working to improve, so please let us know how you feel!

We just want to thank everybody for sticking through with us! We love you guys and want to make this community bigger and better. Thank you for being here and we hope to meet your expectations!​


Not open for further replies.
Not open for further replies.