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Visen, before anything else, is a community. We welcome others with similar interests - especially art, gaming, DND, and streaming! Multiple free-to-play servers, a growing community, and a place to gather support for eachother. Always making changes for the better and setting goals for the future, our mod team is always there to listen. Suggestions by members don't go unnoticed, and we are always striving to be better! Join us today, and experience the community for yourself!


Welcome To Visen, A vision for the future! 


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Create you own base or join an existing one! No need to worry about being raided, our community is peaceful settlements with the main focus on building and having fun!

Shop-driven economy

Make a shop that suits you! Then you just do whatever that shop entitles you to do and you get paid, simple as that!


Killing mobs for exp to get those cool enchants can be tiresome, with Mythic drops you get that awesome loot just by killing the same mobs you would have to gain exp. Same work, twice as fun!


CoreProtect is a fast, efficient, data logging and anti-griefing tool. Rollback and restore any amount of damage!


Explore different dungeons scattered throughout the Visen realms!

Donator Ranks

An custom ranking system, with 4 different ranks. Each with custom titles and perks!

Custom plugins

We're constantly creating new plugins to add new features for the server to make the gameplay as fun and unique as possible!

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