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When you vote for us you are actually helping to promote the server and attract others to come online and join in on all the fun. In return for your help, we provide you with a Vote Key that you can use to redeem some amazing loot that can help you with your everyday needs as you go about playing the server.

How do I redeem this Vote Key you may ask, well there are actually two ways to redeem your key. You can either do /warp crates which will bring you to all the crates in which you can view what is inside them, or redeem your key. The other option is where you don't need to leave your home and you could simply do /cc which will bring up an entire interaction menu where you can do all the same functions as being in front of the crates but from anywhere.

Please note that you must be online to receive your vote key.

Vote Links

Vote Link 1 (minecraftservers)

Vote Link 2 (minecraft-server-list)

Vote Link 3 (Minecraft-mp)

Vote Link 4 (TopG)

Vote Link 5 (PlanetMinecraft)
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