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Accepted Joining the Visen gaming staff team.

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What is your Minecraft username?: ValorousPK

How old are you?: 21

What makes you stand out from others?: I have owned 2 vanilla servers and co-owned a heavily modded server. I was both in moderation and administrative roles in several more servers. Plus im ya manns T~T

What is your timezone?: Pacific standard

What language(s) do you speak?: Just english but im learning Spanish as well.

How many hours per day can you dedicate to the server?: i work 6 days a week so just under 6 hours a day before and after.

Do you have a working microphone?: Yep!

Do you have the following application; Discord?: Heck Yeah

Are you able to record?: Yeah i would have to drop my settings a bit

Why are you applying for staff?: I love the community and want to be a bigger part of it!

Do you have any previous experience, if so list the servers and describe what you did in your position: I kinda explained that earlier but i can can elaborate on the administrative things i worked with. I had to make custom permissions for donation groups, i did full server permission overhauls for hire, i helped balance a heavily unbalanced mod pack for dynamic donation goals.

Is there anything else you'd like us to know?:

What else is there to know i'm a dedicated man who loves the community


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Thank you for your interest in being a staff member of Visen Gaming! Please get with Me or Declan for your first run down and for you to accept all the rules and docs.
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