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  1. ToonamiSenpai

    Guide to Factions Permissions

    Greetings Visens! I'm here today to bring you a quick introductory guide as to how our factions permission system is supposed to work. As of the time of this post, over the last few days we've made some sizable changes as to the way things work. This post should hopefully give you an outline as...
  2. ToonamiSenpai

    The Complete Visen Beginner’s Guide to Factions Gameplay and Raiding

    Cannons Overview In the cannoning world, there are three main echelons of cannoning. The first of course, being the “noob” (3x7) cannon. A simple, small device, it doesn’t consist of much more than a few blocks of cobblestone, redstone, and TnT. It provides little control, inaccurate shots...
  3. ToonamiSenpai

    The Complete Visen Beginner’s Guide to Factions Gameplay and Raiding

    Raiding and Cannoning Introduction: When most players think about cannoning, they have one of two images in their head. The first player will be thinking about the 3x7~ cannon that has essentially a bucket of water in it, redstone along the sides, and two buttons. A simple, but not useless...
  4. ToonamiSenpai

    The Complete Visen Beginner’s Guide to Factions Gameplay and Raiding

    The Complete Visen Beginner’s Guide to Factions Gameplay and Raiding **Due to the length of this guide it is highly recommended you first browse the Table of Contents to help you find the sections you may desire to read, and that you then use the “CTRL + F” command to help you quickly traverse...
  5. ToonamiSenpai

    Legal & Illegal Mods

    A question that comes up quite frequently is: "What mods are legal on this server?" A direct quote from reviewers states: "Basically mods that allow your perspective of the game to change but it doesn't change another player's" So in other words, when thinking about whether or not you should...
  6. ToonamiSenpai

    General Survival Talk

    So it's just you and me
  7. ToonamiSenpai

    Things in the works! 12/28/19

    As most of you know, we aren't growing as a community. So to change that we are looking to move in a different direction, that direction is towards becoming a factions server. Now I know what you're going to say. Ugh just another factions server been there done that. Well, you couldn't be more...
  8. ToonamiSenpai

    General Survival Talk

    I mean it's not bad. We have some cool projects coming soon.
  9. ToonamiSenpai

    New Updates! 10/16/19

    Hello fellow adventurers, it's ToonamiSenpai here with a news update. As you can see we've added a lot of new things to the site one of which you can see right when you come to our site. We added a News/announcement area to our front page, but that's not the only thing we've added. We added a...
  10. ToonamiSenpai

    Accepted Joining the Visen gaming staff team.

    Congratulations! Thank you for your interest in being a staff member of Visen Gaming! Please get with Me or Declan for your first run down and for you to accept all the rules and docs.
  11. ToonamiSenpai

    claim block glitch

    3 days and how many hours have you been on in 3 days?
  12. ToonamiSenpai

    Accepted yazjazminer - Staff Application

    Congratulations please read the Staff handbook area for all the info you may need.
  13. ToonamiSenpai

    Accepted yazjazminer - Staff Application

    At this current time I'd like to thank you for applying for staff on the Visen Survival Server. In you application we asked you the questions "Why are you applying for (server name)? " We are asking why are you applying like what is your reason for applying to our server. If you could please...
  14. ToonamiSenpai

    Officially in Beta! Apply Today!

    Forums have been officially created and made public. Forums will be used for server support/maintenance, suggestions, appeals/reports of players, donations, and server updates. Please sign up for the forums here: The Minecraft server is now in official beta, but...
  15. ToonamiSenpai

    Voting Sites

    When you vote for us you are actually helping to promote the server and attract others to come online and join in on all the fun. In return for your help, we provide you with a Vote Key that you can use to redeem some amazing loot that can help you with your everyday needs as you go about...
  16. ToonamiSenpai

    Allowed and Prohibited Modifications

    Allowed Mods Mods that have been approved for use by administrators: - Optifine (increases your FPS) - Damage Indicators (displays player health and damage taken) - Any of Bspkrs mods, such as ArmorStatusHUD, DirectionHUD & Status Effects - Rei's/Zans Minimap/other minimap mods (places a...
  17. ToonamiSenpai

    Discord Rules

    In order to ensure a positive and enjoyable experience on our Discord for all players, please follow the rules listed below. We hope you enjoy your time here! Discord Rules: 1. Do not post links that do not involve the server or that have not been approved by a Moderator or above. This...
  18. ToonamiSenpai

    Server Rules

    Chat Punishments Excessive Capital Letters: Abuse of capital letters in a message. This sometimes can be when you choose to use caps lock instead of using shift for capitalizing a letter. If your message is deemed as using capital letters excessively you will be warned. Spamming Chat...
  19. ToonamiSenpai

    Media Application Format

    Are you interested in either a Youtuber or Twitch rank? Please make sure you qualify before you apply, by reading the requirements. We do have the right to decline your application even if you qualify, due to another reason besides what is listed. Requirements You must be at least 13 years...
  20. ToonamiSenpai

    Staff Application Format

    Do you think you have what it takes to become a Staff Member? Your job as a Staff Member is to help anyone out with our server with anyone who might have a question, and control the server following are rules. If anyone does break a rule, your job is to give them the rightful punishment to the...