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Update Log 3/11/20
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How's it going, everybody? We hope you guys are ready for another update log!


It's the spring season and our development is slowing down a little bit. However, this doesn't mean we've stopped working on it! With all of the devs working or in school, things are coming along slow but steady.

We wanted to let you all know that we're currently at about 89% done for an alpha release!

Currently, we are going through and polishing up a couple of plugins. Afterward, we are going to be working on bug fixes. We hope to have the alpha ready for testers within the next month and a half!

We will be opening up sales for donated ranks and perks early so when you join the server you'll have them instantly. Of course, this will help us maintain server costs, fix plugins, get more graphics, etc.

All sales go towards the server costs!

We're looking forward to releasing the best possible...​

Things in the works! 12/28/19

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As most of you know, we aren't growing as a community. So to change that we are looking to move in a different direction, that direction is towards becoming a factions server. Now I know what you're going to say. Ugh just another factions server been there done that. Well, you couldn't be more wrong; we are looking into a plugin that would make our server a zombie apocalypse. We may have new guns for you to fight the zombies and your other players while you survive the night and defend by day!
Going into maintenance mode!.
New Updates! 10/16/19
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Hello fellow adventurers, it's ToonamiSenpai here with a news update. As you can see we've added a lot of new things to the site one of which you can see right when you come to our site. We added a News/announcement area to our front page, but that's not the only thing we've added. We added a new Map of the server which you can see at it's new and shiny and well you can truly see how massive our map will be and how cool our terrain is.

We look forward to adding new stuff to our ever-growing server. We now have voting rewards and if you have any suggestions on what we can give to people who vote please let us know here on the forums. We also have some cool things in the works for updates and some are really cool.

In other news, if you know anyone who is a java developer please tell them to reach out to us we are always looking for staff and new devs to help us out.

This has been a small update but with a lot of behind the scenes work...